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  Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the Body Bare trim long hairs?
A: No. The Body Bare is designed specifically to turn stubble into baby smooth skin. You must first use a good trimmer (that is why we bundle it with the Ladyfair or Femini) to "take it down to stubble" then finish it off with the Body Bare.

Q: Do you offer any shaving tips?
A: YOU MUST SHAVE DRY! Use before you get your skin wet, as the skin swells and you won't get as close a shave. For performance as advertised, you must use baby powder or talc powder applied with a soft makeup brush to the shaving area. Shave in circles or against the grain like using an eraser when using the Body Bare. When using the Femini, hold at a 45° angle. If it pulls one way, tip it 45° in the opposite direction.

Q: Can I use the Body Bare for other parts of my body?
A: You can use it anywhere you have stubble: underarms, legs, face, ears, head, and the entire pubic area including inside the vaginal lips without irritation. And men, don't worry, this is the only shaver that won't "bite" testicles. It is great quick touch-up for men with shaved heads. Keep one in your glovebox and one beside your bed for a smooth face before kissing your partner.

Q. Can I use the Body Bare™ to design the hair in my pubic area?
A: We suggest you use the Femini or Ladyfair trimmer for the most creativity.

Q: What kind of power does the Body Bare use?
A: The Rechargable Body Bare recharges from any standard 110 volt plug in source. The Battery Powered Body Bare uses one (1) C cell battery. This is very convenient; you never have to worry about getting tangled up on a cord. It also makes it great for traveling. Many of our customers purchase more than one to keep in a purse or in their cars.

Q: Can I use the Body Bare if I have acne?
A: Definitely! The Body Bare is great for anyone with acne. It shaves very close without irritation.

Q: Can I get spare parts for the Body Bare?
A: Yes. We are the importer and the service center for the Body Bare, the Femini, Ladyfair trimmer and the Men's d'Or razor. Please call us if you have a problem or need service: 210-558-7262.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?
A: Yes. Customer satisfaction and service means the world to us. We warrant against any manufacturer defects and if you are not happy with your razor for any reason (We do ask that you give it a fair chance and use it a few times so you can get used to it) in the first 30 days, please call us and get an RMA#, before sending it back with all original box material and we will credit your account for the product amount. (Please note that we do not refund shipping charges). Call 210-558-7262.

For any other questions please call us 210-558-7262 Monday - Friday
10AM to 6PM CST.

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