"Body Bare"
"Intimate Area Razor"
- Available in Battery operated orRechargable
As seen in Playboy, Penthouse, Esquire, Mens Journal,
Maxim and FHM and as seen on Playboy TV 911 Night Calls

The Body Bare® revolutionary, rechargeable Intimate Area Razor is a second-generation, newly designed rotary-head, hair removal instrument specifically for Dare to be Bare aficionados. The Body Bare® is a DRY razor from 3rd Planet Products, the originators of DRY pubic shaving. It is specifically designed for daily shaving, after the "bush" has been trimmed down to "stubble / fuzz" (it will not shave "bush", we recommend it with the Ladyfair or Feminine trimmer for shaving the bush). The Body Bare® has a built-in 115 Volt AC charger (with indicator light) and a unique removable USA wall plug adapter. It only requires 2 watts of charging power for a long operational cycle. The 400-ma rechargeable battery will power the razor for approximately 2-3 complete shaves (about 30 minutes). The solid aluminum frame has a sturdy aluminum cap to protect the High-Tech shaving foil and a handy carrying cover. The second-generation foil is thinner than previous product foils, resulting in even closer, quicker shaves. It does not bite, cause bumps, discomfort or ingrown hairs. This is the BEST WOMEN or MEN'S razor in the world! It is one of our families of 3rd Planet Products' specialized razors that will not "bite" your pubic area or testicles! It must be used with baby or talcum powder for a perfect "BUFF" shave. THAT IS WHY WE SUPPLY A FREE SPECIAL MINI BABY POWDER BOTTLE WITH EACH ORDER. (It is refillable with baby powder.) NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS! We also now include our own brand of Razor Oil to keep your Body Bare in the sharpest condition.

If you are not completely satisfied with the Body Bare in 90 days you may return
it for a refund, it must have an RMA # by calling us at 210-558-7262 first.

1 year warranty on Rechargeable Body Bare®,
3 year warranty on Battery Body Bare®!

Just one more reason to purchase the Body Bare Shaver from 3rd Planet / 2SensualProducts... That's right, if at any time in the 2 years after purchase, the blade and/or foil becomes worn due to normal wear and tear and cannot be adjusted as per the instructions, it will be replaced. Simply call for return information. No other Intimate Shaving System provider supports their product with total customer satisfaction as their goal.
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Battery Operated Body Bare® and Ladyfair Combo
With Shaving Powder, Oil and batteries
ONLY $50.00
Rechargeable Body Bare® and Ladyfair Combo
With Shaving Powder and Oil.
ONLY $55.00

Battery Operated Body Bare® and Feminine Combo
With Shaving Powder, Oil and batteries.
ONLY $55.00
Rechargeable Body Bare® and Feminine Combo
With Shaving Powder and Oil.
ONLY $60.00

Battery Operated or
Rechargable Body Bare

Battery Operated Body Bare®, Feminine Trimmer, Powder, Application Brush, Razor Oil, Batteries & Velour Pouch

ONLY 65.00

Rechargeable Body Bare®, Feminine Trimmer, Powder, Application Brush, Razor Oil & Velour Pouch

ONLY 70.00

Body Bare Replacement Blade and Screen

ONLY $20.00

Body Bare Replacement AC Plug

ONLY $12.00

Double-Edged Bush and Beard Trimmer

Click for Details"Ladyfair" is a palm sized, battery operated, high-speed, double-edged trimmer. One edge is straight and the other is curved. It is the most effective trimmer available for close work. It will cut through bush or beard without stalling. For you guys who like the George M. look, it is great for the ROUGH SHAVE appearance. It is not for skin contact use on inner vaginal lips or testicles. Just use the "Ladyfair" to trim the bush down to stubble. From then on all you'll ever need is our "Final Touch" Personal Razor. The "Ladyfair" can be used to shape the puff outline into some fun shapes. Our favorites are Mohawk, heart, diamond and "V" designs. They are easy to maintain and a real showstopper on a nude beach or in the bedroom! The "Ladyfair" is beautifully designed and made exclusively for us. It uses 2 included AA cell batteries. It is priced at just $10.00 Get yours today, immediate shipment! WAIT! THE "LADYFAIR" IS INCLUDED IF YOU ORDER THE "Body Bare COMBO (below).


The Ladyfair
ONLY $10.00

Precision Hair Remover for Men and Women

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Battery operated, ultra-fine comb, trimmer- head razor. Remove hair without painful waxing, tweezing or bleaching. Here's an easy way to get rid of unwanted hair on face, upper lip, intimate areas, legs and arms. Can be used on men's back, chest, arms and ears. This tiny shaver with its small trimmer head, quickly shapes brows and even keeps neck hairs neat without irritation. This little wonder does not even contact the hair follicle. Remember, it is just a myth that shaved hair grows back stiffer. Use this amazing discovery dry, just as with our other personal shaving products. Plastic housing with an on-off slide switch. Uses one "AA" battery which is included. The "Feminine" is exclusively imported by 2Sensual Products and is price reduced to $15.00 (a $15 reduction) and includes the "AA" battery.

The Feminine
ONLY $15.00

Wet/Dry Body Trimmer/Shaver
Safe for shaving underarms, legs and abdomen.
Click to enlargeThe Meida Wet/Dry Body Trimmer/Shaver shaves dry with baby powder or wet with lather for a smooth comfortable shave.

We have been searching for 4 years for an excellent, affordable leg and underarm Wet/Dry shaver, THIS IS IT!

  • Perfect for the legs, abdomen and underarms.
  • Incredibly smooth, nick free legs.
  • It is powered using 2 "AA" batteries (included, as we test every product before shipping).
  • Made in China - Exchangeable
Incredibly priced at $20.00

Trimmer and Razor Oil
1.2 oz drop dispensing bottle. $5.00
"Specially prepared for 3rd Planet Products, Ltd. hair trimmers and razors. One drop inside the foil after daily cleanings will keep your hair removal equipment performing at top efficiency. This high quality, clear, non clogging oil will extend the life of your hair removal equipment as well as ensuring a perfect shave.

If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, call a physician immediately. Keep out of reach of children."

ONLY $5.00


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