Just one more reason to purchase the Body Bare Shaver from 3rd Planet / 2SensualProducts... That's right, if at any time in the 2 years after purchase, the blade and/or foil becomes worn due to normal wear and tear and cannot be adjusted as per the instructions, it will be replaced. Simply call for return information. No other Intimate Shaving System provider supports their product with total customer satisfaction as their goal.

This offer is only valid in the USA. Damage due to misuse, Improper maintenance (including failure to clean and oil regularly) or impact will void this warranty. Guarantee will also be void if shavers have been improperly adjusted resulting in over tightening and damage to the screen and blade. This offer is only valid for Body Bare foil/blade combos. Please do not return NON Body Bare foils and blades as they will not be replaced.

Call for return instructions

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